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Here are two very interesting Wisconsin mansions located in Green Bay. The first one is an interesting red-colored mansion, and the address is 3065 Sitka St, Green Bay, Wisconsin. The house is 11,253 square feet and the lot is 25.78 acres. The property was last assessed in 2009 to be worth about $3,550,500.

Red Colored Green Bay Mansion

This is an aerial view of the larger red colored mansion.

This second mansion is smaller, but it is just down the road from the first one so I thought I would include it. The house is 7,220 square feet and has 4 beds and 6 baths. It sits on 2 acres and is worth around $1 million. This house even has an indoor pool, theater, and a pond. Also, look at the aerial view of this home. Do you think they planted enough trees?


Smaller Green Bay Mansion

This is the smaller mansion with millions of trees.