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Italian 'Mansion'

Here is a street view of the near 750 year old mansion.

LIving Room

Here is the living room in the house

This Italian mansion, dubbed Palazzina Cesira, is very interesting. It’s not the grandest of mansions, but it has a lot of unique things about it. Built in 1275, this building is almost 750 years old! The not-so-big mansion is 500 square meters or 5,382 square feet. It comes fully furnished, with an exercise room, spa, private garden, studio room, and even a maid’s quarters with a separate maid’s bathroom. The property is currently for sale at a price of 1,350,000€ or $1,868,130. The house is located in Montalcino, Siena 53024, in Italy. Click the link below to see more pictures.